East of England Ambulance Trust Go Live with the Ambulance Radio Programme’s Mobile Data & Vehicle Solution!

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The Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) are pleased to announce that East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust has gone live with the new Mobile Data and Vehicle Solution (MDVS) after a successful pilot phase, led by the EEAS MDVS Implementation Manager, David O’Connor. Rollout has commenced across the fleet of over 600 ambulances and response vehicles. This is part of the Ambulance Radio Programme’s national deployment; a new National Mobilisation Application (which includes Sat Nav functionality) and new hardware in the vehicles which will be utilised throughout all Ambulance Service in England and the Wales Ambulance Service.

Duncan Bray – ARP Director; “Another Trust over the line with MDVS! Across the Programme, we are seeing preparations and implementations become slicker, with huge efforts being made to learn lessons from previous implementation of MDVS, even from recent go lives. It’s key we continue to learn. It’s also great to see collaborations from Trusts coming to the end of their MDVS implementation, supporting the Trusts preparing to start their implementation from MDVS.”

EEAS Chief Information Officer – Stephen Bromhall; “The Trust is excited to start the Digital communication technology modernisation. This will provide our front-line staff better communication and data technology to support our patients while on the move. Our ability to respond quickly to the developments and shifting trends of technology continues to be a key aspect of our Digital and Data transformation programme, where we are considered a technology leader.”

ARP are now live with 6 Ambulance Trusts with MDVS, and a further Trust with Infotainment Integration. This is a huge milestone for the Programme. ARP would like to thank our Suppliers – Terrafix, Telent, Panasonic, Centerprise, MIS for their support during this rollout!