999 English and Welsh Ambulances now installed with the new National Mobile Data and Vehicle Solution, at the heart of supporting crew and patient safety through the Ambulance Radio Programme! ๐Ÿš‘

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The Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) are thrilled to announce that thanks to the huge efforts and support from all of the ARP Team, and itโ€™s key suppliers, we have reached โ€˜999โ€™ Mobile Data & Vehicle Solution (MDVS) installations. This marks a major achievement for ARPโ€™s national deployment of MDVS. The MDVS Programme is now live across 6 Trusts. This is a reflection of all the hard work, continuous learning and collaborative efforts between ARP, the Trusts and our Suppliers.

Duncan Bray โ€“ ARP Director; โ€œ999! An unbelievable achievement for ARP and all suppliers supporting us with MDVS. With the current Trusts live, installations into front line ambulances are averaging approximately at 100 installations per week. As we enter 2024, this number will only increase as more and more Trusts go live with MDVS. A fantastic achievement and a huge well done to all!โ€

Chris Green โ€“ Terrafix Managing Director; โ€œReaching 999 installations from a standing start this year is a fantastic achievement; in a programme that has been plagued with unforeseen challenges, this milestone is a testament to all the parties involved and is a great example of collaborative working at its best.โ€

Grant Cowans โ€“ Telent Head of Operations for ARP; โ€œIt is a proud day for Telent and our team as we celebrate a major milestone for the Ambulance Radio Programme. We have successfully installed 999 ambulances, ensuring that emergency services can effectively communicate and respond to critical situations. This achievement showcases our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions for the healthcare sector.โ€

Steve Bowyer โ€“ East Midlands Ambulance Trust Chief Digital Officer; โ€œAn immense achievement for what has been a challenging time for the ARP Team. Itโ€™s great to see the EMAS fleet being installed with this new technology that will improve the care we are able to provide to our patientsโ€.

Jon Elliott โ€“ Centerprise International Ltd Public Sector Director โ€“ โ€œAs the ARP continues to gather momentum, more Trusts are actively initiating pilot programs and preparing for their rollouts. Those trusts that have already gone live are progressing rapidly and providing very positive feedback. This gratifying outcome is the result of years of diligent effort and meticulous planning. The Centerprise team extends their congratulations to the partners, ambulance service trusts, and the dedicated ARP teams for this remarkable achievement.โ€

John Kimmance โ€“ Ordnance Survey Managing Director of National Mapping Services โ€“ โ€œI am delighted that ARP has achieved this significant milestone. Ordnance Survey has a long history of supporting the emergency services with authoritative location data and regularly makes changes to the National Geographic Database, capturing new buildings, roads, routing restrictions and addresses. It is great to hear that this essential data is being delivered to even more vehicles out on the road and helping emergency responders to effectively carry out their vital work.โ€

Will Holmes โ€“ Panasonic Emergency Services Business Manager โ€“ โ€œWhat an amazing milestone, on a very complex but rewarding project. Panasonic Connect TOUGHBOOK are proud to have been part of supporting Centerprise and Terrafix, as part of the Terrafix designed MDVS hardware solution. After the many years of hard work from the combined team within ARP, and all of the partners involved that have come together to realise this milestone, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing this project being deployed, used and improving the operational environment of our front line ambulance crews. Looking forwards to seeing more huge milestones over the coming months! Well done all!โ€