MDVS (Mobile Data Vehicle Solutions)

The MDVS Programme is replacing communication equipment with a new system that includes a Windows 10 LTSC operating system with NMA on a tablet. This will enable the deployment of the NMA to all English & Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust front-line emergency vehicles.

The MDVS Programme will provide a replacement of the communications equipment within all English & Welsh Ambulance Service Trusts. The new MDVS system includes a fully tested Windows 10 Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) operating system with NMA installed on the tablet offering all NMA functionality, with voice activation to enable interaction with the device whilst mobile in conformance with the Road Traffic Act.

The application will be used to dispatch ambulance resources and replacement vehicle and handheld equipment, consisting of a tablet, tablet PSU, vehicle mount, mounting bracket, antennas, wiring cables, and the ARP vehicle router, to enable the deployment of the National Mobile Application (NMA).