Core Values

ARP are committed to being an organisation that is ‘Always Learning’.

The best feedback comes from our staff, promoting the freedom to speak up, so that ARP can ‘Listen’, ‘Act’, and ‘Feedback’, which will ensure our colleagues know they have a voice and promote a positive culture

ARP will be an inclusive employer and be flexible to attract, retain and develop the very best talent.

ARP will support our team members, ensuring everyone has a voice and work through resolutions together

ARP will be supportive of staff and align to the key principles of the NHS People Promise

There are also commitments we call the 6 golden rules that all ARP employees work by. These are:

1 – We will work through issues and suggest resolutions together

2 – We will promote conversation not conflict

3 – We will ensure everyone has a voice

4 – We will be inclusive

5 – We will be clear on Roles and Responsibilities

6 – Our work is demanding and stressful – We will support our team members